Of Cats and Horses and Contemporary Art.

I concluded my delightful apprehension of the “Fotofestival Lenzburg” in a very relaxed manner this weekend. With sufficient leisure to have a closer look even on those things that do not stand in the foreground of our everyday lives. 

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Meeting nice, open-minded people and discussing the present role, the historical background and its major applications in expressions of present day photography, I had a brilliant, still somehow unexpected day. Silently, in the first place, but then relentlessly increasing their volume, they accompanied a day that had unexpectedly started with an early morning concerts of blackbirds outside my window.

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And I realized during these encounters: power was available, yet in unforeseen forms. By consequence and smilingly, we applied those energies on subjects like “Cats in Contemporary Art”, for example. It is a title of still lifes (sic! The plural is in this case orthographically correct) by the Russian photographer Igor Kryukov. He was on the shortlist of the “Sony World Photography Awards 2021” and had been exhibited within the framework of the “Fotofestival Lenzburg”.

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I decided to take a detail from the exhibited picture, simply to avoid a somewhat public discussion about such intricate subjects as the “vanitas concept in a still life” or the constitutive problem of every still life, in as much as it needs a fairly educated public to be understood. So this afternoon, it was no surprise we saw still lifes in the form of allegories and other more “plain” concepts.

The art in dealing with art is necessary because you rarely come across it precisely when you are consciously looking for it.

Unnamed Visitor of the Fotofestival Lenzburg

Someone mentioned the above sentence, almost in meditation. Only too true. – The festival leaves its traces, if I may speak for myself. My esteem for photographers whose talent and – yes – calling is obvious grew significantly. And, a very positive thing to mention, there was no one in the organizational team who was not passionate about both, the coming together of people, the encounter, and the subject matter itself. So, as to photography, I now have a clearer, no, even a more passionate picture.